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Junk Removal Services

Xtreme Cleanouts specializes in removing, hauling, and recycling any unwanted furniture, items, appliances, etc. Offices with overstuffed accessories or computer devices, and outdoor places with visible debris and trash. We make any junk or unneeded items that take up extra space in your residence or business site disappear. We’re an organized company that provides an outstanding clean up after removing those unwanted items, leaving you with a peaceful space.

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Our Services


Residential Junk Removal

Don’t let that unwanted trash or appliances dictate where you can move or what you can do within your home. Xtreme Cleanouts is here to relief you of that stress that also gathers from accumulated accessories. We’ll make a new spacious home for you to bask in.


Commercial Junk Removal

We get it. That office space that was once welcoming is now filled with office appliances or accessories that gather unnecessarily. For us, it’s our specialty to turn your workplace into a more welcoming spacious one. Xtreme Cleanouts makes sure that your office, warehouse, or commercial site preserves a look that is not cluttered, but one that is inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any immediate questions before, during, and after your clean out service, you may find them here. If you can’t find your answers here, please give us a call.

We are an ever-expanding company. Our central areas are in North Jersey, but we have greatly expanded into mid and lower New Jersey as well as in the New York area.
Xtreme Cleanouts has a wide knowledge of our community and understands the need for further expansion. Our delicacy and precision to our customers is something that makes us stick out as we comprehend the needs every client has for any removal, recycling, or hauling.
No, our employees are very organized individuals and will always ask how you would look your site to be left whether it’s empty or in a certain organization.
All you have to do is point, give us a suggestion, or tell us your preferences and we do the lifting ourselves.
There isn’t an item or location that we won’t remove furniture from. It is upon the customer’s request as we fulfill their order.
We are very prompt with our assignments, and it’s our priority to call our clients 20 to 30 minutes before we arrive. In some cases, such as traffic or weather conditions, we will call almost an hour before arrival.
At Xtreme Cleanouts, we recycle most items of furniture that are in good condition or ones suggested by the client.

We, a few partners and myself, we’re using this sort-of decaying warehouse until we found a better place. Trust me, if it wasn’t the grim look, it was certainly the clustered that had accumulated over the years. It wasn’t anything that we needed, but it was definitely something that had stayed around. Xtreme Cleanouts came by cleaned up, and they were swift about it. We were really impressed at how manageable they made the cleaning out to be. My partners and I also learned that we had more space than we anticipated. Go figure.

Xtreme Cleanouts FeedbackJeffrey Almonte, Ridgefield Park

Xtreme Cleanouts is punctual. Their website may say that they will call 20-30 minutes before, but they actually called an hour before and again half hour before they arrived. I was anxious about the time they would arrive since I had other engagements throughout the day. They were scheduled for 10am, and I’m pretty sure they arrived around 9:50am. I was very attentive to time. It was also very comforting that they were there for half hour and left everything clean. If you need punctuality, these are your guys.

Xtreme Cleanouts FeedbackDavid Rappaport, North Haledon

My downstairs neighbors weren’t the cleanest people, and when they moved out there was just a lot of crap left behind. A glass TV stand so dusty that I don’t think it had been used for years, and DVDs in a book case that fell apart when I tried to remove it. First of all, I needed the place clean to show potential buyers. I booked Xtreme Cleanouts. They passed by and cleaned up the apartment. Not only that, but they left it super clean that all I needed to do was rearrange some of the kitchen appliances. I didn’t even need to clean.

Xtreme Cleanouts FeedbackPaul Mclaughlin, Paterson